A Cappella Workshop for Teachers

潘絃融(The Pure純粹人聲樂團音樂總監、現任全國音樂學科中心阿卡貝拉講師)

07.08 Sat 10:30-12:00
285展演場Building 285 參加對象表演藝術教師Suitable for teachers in the performing arts 人數 20人需先網路報名(600元/人)Please register online first
阿卡貝拉(A Cappella)是什麼?和義大利教堂樂有關?已經有五百多年的歷史?你所不知道的阿卡貝拉無伴奏人聲音樂都在這裡!細數阿卡貝拉的由來、欣賞世界阿卡貝拉名團、認識人聲樂團組成,從古典樂到流行樂,從傳統和聲到麥克風口技,現代阿卡貝拉玩出爵士、搖滾、流行和Hip-Hop等曲風,還不夠?音響設備、訓練技巧,人聲打擊教學一次公開。

What is A Cappella? Is it related to Italian church music? Has it been developed for more than 500 years? Everything you wanted to know about A Cappella, but were too shy to ask! This A Cappella workshop is designed for educators in the performing arts. It will introduce the origin and development of A Cappella (groups of voices without instrumental accompaniment), world famous A Cappella groups and how human voices can be arranged in different parts. A wide range of topics will be covered, including classical music through to pop music, and traditional harmony to microphone techniques. Participants will also learn related audio equipment, training techniques, vocal percussion, and music styles such as Jazz, Rock-n-Roll, pop and Hip-Hop.

※本工作坊請先於網路報名 Please register online.
※有任何疑問請洽(07)768-0708 陳先生 More information: +886 7-768-0708 Mr.Chen
※工作坊不適用於折扣方案 Special offers do not apply to workshop booking.

潘絃融|The Pure純粹人聲樂團音樂總監、現任全國音樂學科中心阿卡貝拉講師
Pan Hsien-Jung is Music Director of The Pure, lecturer of a cappella in National Music Study Center