A Cappella Workshop for Family

陳櫻文Chen Ying-Wen
(SURE人聲樂團團長 、2013年奧地利Vokal.Total國際阿卡貝拉大賽爵士組─銅牌)

紀彥宏 Ji Yan-Hung

07.08 Sat 13:00 - 14:30
07.09 Sun 13:00 - 14:30
285展演場Building 285 建議參加年齡5-10歲(僅限親子共同參與)AGE 5-10 (All children must be accompanied by an adult) 人數 15組共有兩場次,兩日分開售票(400元/兩人同行票,含一位成人及一位孩童)Combined ticket for one child with one accompanying adult

Participants will learn to introduce themselves in rhythm, imitate musical instruments, and create vocal percussion (like beatboxing)!By experimenting in making a variety of voices, you will eventually accomplish the melodies, harmony and vocal percussion of aACappella.

※工作坊不適用於折扣方案。Special offers do not apply to workshop bookings

陳櫻文|SURE人聲樂團團長 、2013年奧地利Vokal.Total國際阿卡貝拉大賽爵士組─銅牌
Chen Ying-Wen is the head of SURE Singers, winner of bronze medal of 2013 Vokal. Total International A Cappella Competition in Austria, Jazz division.

Yan-Hung is a former voice-training conductor of Yunlin Philharmonic Chamber Choir with a Masters of Music from National Taichung University of Education.